Pisces – Back out to Sea

After delaying our departure for just over half a day to await vital parts for the science gear, we finally left Pascagoula.  We saw lots of pelicans, dolphins and other sea critters, as well as several terns that were diving for fish all around the ship.


On this trip, one of the main projects is collecting sediment cores.  We spent much of our transit out to sea setting up the corer.  We stopped at a shallow test site and dropped it over the side a few times in order to train the crew in deploying it and the science team in the proper procedures for collecting and documenting the samples.  We also brought a camera towing device designed to take pictures deep in the water, and we tested that out as well.  We finished up a long and busy first day with fire and emergency drills.

Deploying the multi-corer

Deploying the multi-corer

Stay tuned – we’ll go into greater detail about how sediment sampling works, and introduce you to members of the science team and the crew.

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9 Responses to Pisces – Back out to Sea

  1. I love the 2 pictures. Great work you’re doing! Glad to know you’ve been lucky to see pelicans and dolphins around your boat, must have been great and motivating. I’ll stay tuned!

  2. Dyna says:

    Actually i love to see dolphins and different fish,i think you have to just capture some dolphin pics by using this video cameras,its really better.

  3. Mr Wright says:

    This is the best and more effective way to get the images of the dolphins and fish underwater with the high quality video cameras without any disturbance to them.

  4. m88.com says:

    i think you have to just capture , thank mansion88

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  6. Hey what are you doing in 2nd snap.

  7. very beautiful ocean, good work there

  8. nice good job thanks for sharing

  9. The design of this device sampling from the bottom, it was done by you or purchased ?

    What was the cost of the device ?

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