Ocean Veritas – Rough seas and pulling in our last few samples

Things are winding down here on the Ocean Veritas. Currently we are finishing up the last of our work so that we can head back into port tomorrow.


Samples being carried off the ship in a cooler

Samples being carried off the ship in a cooler


Last Monday we were in at Port Fourchon, where we off-loaded the lab. Our lab was basically a large conex box (like the kind of shipping containers you see on the backs of semi-trucks) that held our chemistry equipment and microtox machine. Not having those machines on board has made the last few days simpler since we’re no longer running any samples on board.


Crew members get soaked as we pull the multi-corer in from a sample drop.

Crew members get soaked as we pull the multi-corer in from a sample drop


We’ve had some rough weather lately which makes sampling near-impossible. Rough seas increase the chances that the multi-corer will get knocked around as we deploy it or bring it up. We also get soaked in the process.  So, we used our spare time to catch up on work and (of course) sleep.

But yesterday we were finally able to do some sampling near the well head. We saw some sheen on the water in the samples we pulled up. We also had one core which appeared to contain some dark substance which smelled a little like kerosene. Of course, we can’t be sure of anything until the sample analyses are back, and there are all kinds of natural oil seeps on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.  But it’s always interesting to see what we pull up from 1000 meters down on the sea floor.

Tomorrow we head back into port where most of the crew will say goodbye to the Ocean Veritas.

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